Balham Food Festival - The Balham Banquet

Today was the opening day of the Balham Food Festival, kicking off with the 'Balham Banquet' - a day filled with a tonne of delicious food (obviously!), music and a bunch of fun activities for the kids. Paired with a gloriously sunny day it was hard to resist, with people flooding the streets of Balham to partake; myself included. Living just a few hundred meters from the event I had no excuses and wandered out with Camera in hand, not really sure what I would find, and I'm sure glad I did! Here's a small collection of photos of the festivities, including a few shots of what I found irresistible - a gong bao chicken pocket, accompanied by some pork dumplings(nom nom nom!) both freshly made to order from the friendly folks at Hao Hao Chi who judging from the length of the line seemed to be one of the most popular stalls of the day.

If you would like to use any of the photos below or would like to get your hands on some high-res copies - just flick me a message through my contact page. Hoping to start blogging a lot more now I'm getting settled in London. Enjoy - but be careful, the following will spark hunger pains!