London Southbank at Christmas

With my bags packed and ready to fly home to New Zealand for a summer holiday in a couple of days I wanted to get one last taste of Christmas in London. So yesterday I headed out to Southbank with a couple of friends to check out some of the Christmas markets on offer and embrace the winter festivities before trading them in for beaches and BBQs.

We spent a good few hours wandering the river side, first stopping at the markets next to the Tate Modern and Millennium bridge, opposite the grand St Paul's Cathedral. After sampling some delicious food and mulled cider we continued to stroll further down to the markets surrounding the Southbank Centre, taking our time to enjoy what was a beautiful winter's afternoon in London. There was some amazing food on offer and as per usual I couldn't resist - from chestnuts to cinnamon rolls and even fresh beetroot gnocchi pasta! There's a few photos below to document how incredible the food was.

Christmas definitely has a different vibe going on in London compared to New Zealand, most obviously driven by the opposite seasons. Whether it's at the beach licking your melting ice cream or eating roasted chestnuts and sipping a mulled beverage, they're each wonderful in their own ways and I feel extremely lucky to get to experience both this year.

Thanks to David and Laura for an awesome day out!