The Worst London Tourist

What do you picture when you think of London? Besides the double-decker buses, a certain royal palace, the great river Thames and the numerous bridges that cross it? If the Big Ben & The London Eye didn't feature in the mental list you just created, then congratulations, you are unique! Jokes aside though, looking through the image search results when Googling 'London' proves my point quite nicely.

When you arrive in a new city one would usually go and visit most, if not all of these places within the first few days / weeks, familiarising themselves with their new environment. And I was no different... well almost. The second day after touching down in London, fresh (anything but) from a 30 hour flight from New Zealand, I raced to explore the city taking the tube to Oxford Circus and joining the crowds of tourists. I managed to mistakenly stumble upon Buckingham palace and Trafalgar Square during my bewildered tourist session. My first day and I'd already seen some of the ultimate London landmarks - I was well on my way to conquering London!

Cut to 6 months down the track, when it hit me - I still haven't laid eyes on the Big Ben or the London eye! Don't ask me how I managed to avoid them during my time here, it just sort of happened. So last Sunday I made it my mission to finally cast my eyes on said landmarks. I actually had a really great time - headed out with my camera and ipod, took my time on a nice London afternoon and just enjoyed it (until the sun disappeared and I nearly froze, but hey let’s ignore that).

Anyways here's a few shots from that day, playing around with freelensing and long-exposures. Enjoy!