Multiple Exposure Portraits in Black and White

I created this set of multiple exposure photos about a year ago now and they've been sitting on my hard drive ever since and I've just rediscovered them. Each of the pictures you see below is made up of around 3-5 photos, all taken in the same location as the outlined portrait. The idea was to attempt to take the emotion, textures, landscape and atmosphere from these locations and combine that all into one portrait. Like taking a set of photos and putting them all together.

London Southbank at Christmas

With my bags packed and ready to fly home to New Zealand for a summer holiday in a couple of days I wanted to get one last taste of Christmas in London. So yesterday I headed out to Southbank with a couple of friends to check out some of the Christmas markets on offer and embrace the winter festivities before trading them in for beaches and BBQs.

We spent a good few hours wandering the river side, first stopping at the markets next to the Tate Modern and Millennium bridge, opposite the grand St Paul's Cathedral. After sampling some delicious food and mulled cider we continued to stroll further down to the markets surrounding the Southbank Centre, taking our time to enjoy what was a beautiful winter's afternoon in London. There was some amazing food on offer and as per usual I couldn't resist - from chestnuts to cinnamon rolls and even fresh beetroot gnocchi pasta! There's a few photos below to document how incredible the food was.

Christmas definitely has a different vibe going on in London compared to New Zealand, most obviously driven by the opposite seasons. Whether it's at the beach licking your melting ice cream or eating roasted chestnuts and sipping a mulled beverage, they're each wonderful in their own ways and I feel extremely lucky to get to experience both this year.

Thanks to David and Laura for an awesome day out!

2015, What a Year.

2015 has without a doubt been the craziest, most exciting and equally challenging year of my life, and I'm still struggling to believe that it is quickly coming to an end. Rather than attempt to explain all that's happened, all I've experienced, the lessons I've learned and am continuing to learn,  I thought instead I'd share some photos to give a glimpse into my 2015.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey this year and supported me along the way, you know who you are and I love you all.

After taking over 15,000 photos, cutting that down to a shareable bunch hasn't been easy, and there's still way too many photos here that only show the surface of what this year has meant to me. But hey, I tried! Here's a very small look into my 2015:

A night exploring Chinatown - London

I've been meaning to explore Chinatown in London properly for a while now, so far only having visited a couple of times for dumplings and one of my all time favourite treats - the red bean steamed bun! Prepared with an empty belly and ready to hop to a few different restaurants throughout the night I set out. The night was cold and wet, with winter fast approaching here in London. The rain set the scene for some great night shots and the cold stirred my appetite for some soul warming food. Here are a few shots of the night, with a mini food review following at the bottom.

Now for the important part - the food! Read below for a somewhat drawn out review of each of the places I found myself in throughout the night.

After an initial wander I was eyeing up yet another menu, trying to decide where to invest my hunger when a huge downpour started. That was all the convincing I needed at this point, so I opened the door to 'Leong's Legends continue' - a taiwanese restaurant on Lisle St, and started my culinary escapade.

I've always found it quite strange and awkward asking for a table for one - but the rumble in my stomach had no time for that nonsense and I was swiftly told to head up to the first floor. At the top of the tiny vertigo inducing set of stairs I was greeted by a friendly waiter who sat me at my 'table for one'. After browsing the menu for what seemed like forever I decided to go with a vermicelli noodle soup with taro and shredded pork. Being marked as 'must try', and my strange recent cravings for taro meant I couldn't resist. What came out some 10 minutes later was an giant bowl of soup packed to the brim - absolutely perfect after being out in the cold London night. For £7.50 the portion was huge, really high quality and extremely satisfying. Would definitely eat there again!

At this point I was pretty full to be honest and could have gone home happy there and then - but no! I was committed to trying another couple of spots. I proceeded to walk around all of chinatown for the next hour and a half. Focusing on letting the last meal settle in between taking photos and checking out what else was on offer.

When I was finally ready for another round I entered Wong Kei. At this point I was quite overwhelmed by all of the options, the prices looked good and the menu nearly looked identical to the last 10 places - that was enough. I walked in and was greeted by a 'how many' shouted across the room. 'One' was my reply, brandishing my index finger to help communicate this, as if the lack of company wasn't enough already. 'Take a seat' came back at me and that was that. Before being offered a menu a waiter came over with pen and paper in hand. I'd pretty much decided on the quarter duck with pancakes before walking in, but wanted to see the rest of the menu. Slightly frustrated he walked away and then came back with a menu, a pot of tea, chopsticks and a plate. I was freezing at this point after walking around for hours so the tea was a nice touch that went down a treat. I stuck with my initial decision of the quarter duck, but added a plate of fried wun tuns with sweet and sour sauce. The food arrived in no time. The waiter threw down the duck plate and proceeded to shred it from the bone in front of me and it looked devine! Served with pancakes, cucumber, fennel and sauce this mini DIY kit was perfect and incredibly tasty. The wun tuns followed shortly and were a great addition to an already awesome meal.

The service was terribly awesome - and by that I mean they didn't really acknowledge or talk to you, and seemed kind of pissed off to be there, but at the same time you knew they had it on lock and were kind of putting it on. Some fun banter behind the counter added to the atmosphere and overall I really enjoyed my meal. This isn't the kind of place you'd go for a 'fancy meal' per se, but I'm planning on making this place one I frequent anytime I'm looking for awesome food and a good price in chinatown. Good place to take friends for a cheap shared meal too!

If you haven't gathered already I love food. No seriously. Food is life. Any and all kinds of food - however my sweet-tooth dominates the rest and even after two huge meals, there was always going to be room for dessert. During my earlier wanderings I'd already scouted where I wanted to go and headed straight to the 'Kowloon Bakery'. Wanting to divert slightly from my usual 'red-bean steamed bun' I opted for 3 different treats - a fried sesame ball with red bean, a red bean filled pancake, and a peanut/coconut mochi looking thing. I was really wanting one of everything in the store because it all looked incredible, but had to limit myself. I'll definitely be making more trips here in the future! All three treats were amazing and accompanied by a taro and red bean milk tea, lasted the whole tube ride home and then some!

So if you're ever in London, exploring chinatown is a great night out! Filled with amazing food, questionable service at times, dazzling lights and more. I've only just scratched the surface and am already planing my next visit!

The Worst London Tourist

What do you picture when you think of London? Besides the double-decker buses, a certain royal palace, the great river Thames and the numerous bridges that cross it? If the Big Ben & The London Eye didn't feature in the mental list you just created, then congratulations, you are unique! Jokes aside though, looking through the image search results when Googling 'London' proves my point quite nicely.

When you arrive in a new city one would usually go and visit most, if not all of these places within the first few days / weeks, familiarising themselves with their new environment. And I was no different... well almost. The second day after touching down in London, fresh (anything but) from a 30 hour flight from New Zealand, I raced to explore the city taking the tube to Oxford Circus and joining the crowds of tourists. I managed to mistakenly stumble upon Buckingham palace and Trafalgar Square during my bewildered tourist session. My first day and I'd already seen some of the ultimate London landmarks - I was well on my way to conquering London!

Cut to 6 months down the track, when it hit me - I still haven't laid eyes on the Big Ben or the London eye! Don't ask me how I managed to avoid them during my time here, it just sort of happened. So last Sunday I made it my mission to finally cast my eyes on said landmarks. I actually had a really great time - headed out with my camera and ipod, took my time on a nice London afternoon and just enjoyed it (until the sun disappeared and I nearly froze, but hey let’s ignore that).

Anyways here's a few shots from that day, playing around with freelensing and long-exposures. Enjoy!

Balham Food Festival - The Balham Banquet

Today was the opening day of the Balham Food Festival, kicking off with the 'Balham Banquet' - a day filled with a tonne of delicious food (obviously!), music and a bunch of fun activities for the kids. Paired with a gloriously sunny day it was hard to resist, with people flooding the streets of Balham to partake; myself included. Living just a few hundred meters from the event I had no excuses and wandered out with Camera in hand, not really sure what I would find, and I'm sure glad I did! Here's a small collection of photos of the festivities, including a few shots of what I found irresistible - a gong bao chicken pocket, accompanied by some pork dumplings(nom nom nom!) both freshly made to order from the friendly folks at Hao Hao Chi who judging from the length of the line seemed to be one of the most popular stalls of the day.

If you would like to use any of the photos below or would like to get your hands on some high-res copies - just flick me a message through my contact page. Hoping to start blogging a lot more now I'm getting settled in London. Enjoy - but be careful, the following will spark hunger pains!